Hi guys

I have two screen in my car and I would to have 3D visualization/spectrum in one screen at all the time and list of music tracks in second screen so I can change the tracks easily without closing visualization. as you know when you click on visualization button, it comes over the media engine face and shows the visualization/spectrum and when you wanna change the song you have to click on screen to close the visualization/spectrum to have access to track list.

if it's not possible to have 3D visualization in second screen at all the time with Media engine, is there any software that can work and analyze music and sounds coming out of my computer? so I can run that software in second screen at all the time.
I had a research on google for few days but all 3D visualization I found are plugins and they can't work stand alone based on sound card output signals and I must install them in Media player or winamp to get them work:-(

hopefully I could say what I meant ...

Thank you very much for your time