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Thread: Can CDR's Freefone be used with Media Engine

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    I think you could be right......

    I downloaded the latest BlueSoleil drivers and a trial version of BlueSoleil Dialer on my laptop and it seemed to work perfectly. (It isn't free but not too expensive). The problem is that it won't embed into ME. When the location of the BS Dialer application is entered into the ext apps file it opens the Bluetooth connection application (The BlueSoleil 'Sun and Orbit' page, if you've ever seen the BlueSoleil software you will know what I am on about). Don't know why this happens but it isn't what I wanted.

    This at least proves that the BT dongle works with the phone etc.
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    If you can launch it from Start-> Run in windows, mediaengine should do the same thing. Getting it to work from there might be a good starting point.
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