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Thread: Exit button

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    Exit button

    Is the exit button found in the top right corner of the default M.E skin hard coded into the app?

    When i load the skin up in skin maker i dont see the little X. Also with the skin i made (vdub remix) I have the shutdown button in the top right corner and exit button in the top left button. When using my skin with me2.1 i cant exit the app, i have to kill it with the task mangager (if i didnt have dual monitors i would have to shutdown the computer) because my exit button no longer works.

    Can anyone whos using the skins i made verify this for me, is the same thing happening to you.

    I want to fix the skin, but not quite sure what i need to do to fix it.


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    I'm in the same situation. I don't think they've updated the skin maker to include the new additions and changes, though.

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