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Thread: mp3 play on hibernate

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    mp3 play on hibernate

    Is there any way i can get mediaengine to automatically load the mp3's when im come back from hibernation. It goes to the menu screen with shutdown selected which is annyoing since my screen has yet to arrive.

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    on my comp, if you hit the power button it hibernates. so i just hit it when ever and when i resume it goes to the same exact place

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    in the settings there is an option to load directly into the mp3 screen. You can try checking that... but I assume that is only for a fresh load of the program, not resume. Resume should take you right back to where you left it, so if you hibernate on the mp3 screen it should come back to it. If you are using media engine to hibernate by pressing the shutdown button (rather than pressing your physical power button) then of course it's going to resume back to the main screen where you left it...

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