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Thread: How do you upgrade??

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    How do you upgrade??

    How do you all upgrade your software/add songs to your system? Remove it from your car? Once I get my system up in my truck....I plan on pulling up next to my window and running a cable.

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    But depending on your setup, you should just be able to remove the hard drive from the case, and install it as a secondary IDE drive in your home PC. Alternatively, many people here have WiFi cards set up in their car and home PCs, forcing instant synchronization when the two become within range. With WiFi you could also share internet access if u have XP/2000 installed on both

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    Never thought of WiFi

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    or burn what ever you want to transfer on cd/dvd at home, and take it into your car and do what you have to do

    edit: or usb thumb drive
    rebuilding carpc... kinda..

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    I've tried all sorts of approaches. ME has a built-in filesync system, but it never worked well for me, so I use an external sync proggy. I discovered that WiFi is rediculously slow to load say 200MB of new mp3's across my 11b connection, so I opted for parking in the drive and running some cat5 out the window. This didn't work well at all to my surprise, the speed was slower than wifi. I'm guessing there were problems with ground levels or something, or possibly that my PW60 wasn't quite providing the right voltages to the ethernet controller. Either way onboard epia ethernet didn't work well.

    I ended up using a removeable HD caddy which I just pull out and take inside. Very very fast way to transfer tracks

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