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Thread: Database error when installing ME2

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    Database error when installing ME2

    Hi there all.

    Just finished installing the carputer into my 89 Celica turbo, but when I tried to install the new Media Engine tonight, I received the following error in the debug.log:
    An error occured in modDB.InitDB : [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver] Can't open database '(unknown)'. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt. : Error number -2147467259

    This error occurred immediately after I pressed the OK button saying for Media Engine to update the database (after selecting my media folder and playlist folder).
    I read through the threads and found others with the same error number,
    Media Engine under XPe
    Jim22 needed to install JET4.0 and MDAC, so I did the same, but it made absolutely no difference.
    It's running Windows XP pro, but I have fiddled with it using XPLite, and might have removed something.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks all. This place has been a source of inspiration and unending awe at the amount of talent that's out there in the programming and car PC enthusiast community!

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    Try installing XP Pro, then install MediaEngine and see if that works. Next try using XPLite to remove stuff. MediaEngine relies on a lot of stuff that comes with windows so yes I bet that you have removed something.
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