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Thread: Skin Idea

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    !YEA! haha gonna start workin on skin soon.
    watch this space

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    Quote Originally Posted by veedubya
    Crap on another thread.

    The whole idea of skin-able applications if so one can create their own look, Note i didnt say this was the best, actually i think my tone was many will not like this.
    But you have to understand my belief is true intergration is making it look like it belongs there.
    Actually, that skin was a good start. Have you considered trying to use the colors and shapes that are present in the rest of your dash right now? If you're looking for a factory look, getting the skin to look as close to your factory dash will probably be your best bet......or is that what you were trying to say in your fist post?
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    Here's what I've done with the brushed media skin and another logo that came from the forum. I customized it to my specific needs so as to only 3 main menu items.

    - Kyle

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