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Thread: Odd bug - different song selected

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    In case this helps anyone, I had the same problem and rebuilding the database wouldn't seem to help...turned out that I just had to go back to the browse media screen and then re-select "Browse all media", basically rebuilding the playlist...I think the playlist references a unique ID in the database and therefore accesses the wrong song if the db is rebuilt but not the playlist...

    Anyway, hope this helps.


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    That may match what worked for me too.

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    I had this problem before, defragged, and checkdisked my drive, and everything was solved after I rebuilt my database. Now, I went and downloaded the new codecs so I could play movies, and its screwed up again. I tried rebooting, and rebuilding, but no luck. I found that the top half of the songs line up without problem. Then about 3/4 way down, I have some .wav files, apparently attached to something in my movie folder that is now screwing up the count. Anything after these maybe 10 files is playing as if they weren't there. Example: Click on the song immediately after these files, and the song 10 songs down the list plays.

    It would be easy to either delete these files, are move them or something, which I haven't tried yet. This wouldn't solve the issues with the software though. I know a new version is rumored to be on the way, but does anyone have a reliable fix for this?
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