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Thread: Sound Volume Issues

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    Sound Volume Issues

    Is there a way to set Media Engine to adjust wave volume? the volume increase and decrease adjusts the gain of 2 stereo speakers and will not work for simulated surround on multi-channel stereo's. Instead it increases and decreases the sound card DB levels for only the stereo speakers instead of the wave volume (this prevents the volume levels reaching more than about 20% of the maxiumum volume at 100% on the media engine) Is there any way to resolve this issue? This specifically was encountered on my m-audio sound card, and I noticed that the Frodo Player (which I don't care for as much because of usability while driving) has an option for master or wave volume control, and it will increase the volume correctly in Wave Volume mode.

    Thanks alot

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    What sound card are you using?
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    It's an M-Audio Sonica Theater using virtual surround to have control over individual speakers in the car. Using this set up requires applications to use wave volume control to set volume levels rather than master or stereo volume controls (hence my problem with media engine). I was hoping there was a manual fix for this within ME but so far they've been unresponsive to any bug reports i send them...because well, it doesn't cause a bug log.

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