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Thread: No Valid Filenames in Playlist Found Error

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    No Valid Filenames in Playlist Found Error

    I built all my playlists in Winamp, and copied them into my appropriate playlist directory within the media directory, however when I go to open up the playlists it says "No Valid Filenames in the Playlist." I went ahead and remade one of the playlists in ME and scoped out the filename formatting in Winamp, and found it to be verbatim to the way Winamp is already doing it. What gives? I searched around for a bit but no one had a solution.

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    Winamp sometimes truncates the paths, so you'll get stuff like:

    /albums/some album/song1.mp3
    /albums/some other album/song1.mp3

    But it sometimes employs some other path truncation method that we've not quite figured out. We never really saw the point of deciphering how they do what they do with playlists, and writing code to compensate for it and all other possible types of playlists, so we just use absolute paths for every playlist entry. In retrospect we probably shouldn't have used .m3u as the M/E playlist file extension, but not all of the developers agreed on this point and so I was 'voted off the island'.

    The workaround is to build your playlists in M/E. Sorry if that's not the answer you were looking for.
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    Could I open all the playlists in an external prog, such as WMP and re do them through there? To say the least ME's playlist creation isnt the most effecient when your talking about 2000+ files into 30+ playlists.

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    My directory structure is something like this...

    The playlist is located inside the album directory
    so the playlist only contains the songs and no path.
    ex. 01-metallica-aint_my_*****.mp3

    Yet I get the same error..

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    I had the same problem as well. The pathnames checked out fine. I had to refresh the database in order for the new playlists to work.

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