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Thread: Setting up system... Questions about screen, MEvsMC, and problem with ME...

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    Setting up system... Questions about screen, MEvsMC, and problem with ME...


    I am new here, so please bear with the stupid questions!

    Here goes:
    1) Am I correct in thinking that the Xenarc is the nicest 7" display available, or maybe the best available in this sort of price range (Basically, comparing lilliput/xenarc/sp7 or other similars)?

    2) What are the main differences between Media Engine, Media Car, and some other offerings? I am pretty much set towards ME bascuase it looks to be the most serious, and have the most options... What things does it lack that others have?

    2b) Is there a download that supports GPS navigation? About the Destinator, I am interested in buying that because it has maps for Brazil, but on the destinator site it only mentions PocketPC... What needs to be purchased to work with Media Engine? (I refer to the builtin destinator support... Is there a beta of the new version for us?! Maybe Betas can be made available to people who donate? I'm willing! And is there any time frame to expect the new version? Have new additions been announced?)

    3) I installed ME on my home PC to try out, it is a sony vaio with a weird screen format (I guess its 16:9), and I configured ME, got the mp3s/vids scanned, but I am getting that Error 5 when trying to load Media Engine... It begins loading, flashes a screen where I can barely read "Play MP3" or something like that (basically it begins drawing the menu on screen), then quits! Here is the debug log:

    22-Sep-04 23:03:15 - Winamp was restarted
    22-Sep-04 23:03:23 - An error occured in mediaengine.ReShow : Invalid procedure call or argument : Error number 5
    22-Sep-04 23:03:23 - MediaEngine terminated correctly by user.

    From the bug reports on the website I thought this could be related to my computer settings for region or text formatting/date formatting (since I'm in brazil), but my settings seem to indicate US as the format, and also as my region...

    Any help greatly appreciated!

    PS: I will start this out by running it linked to my laptop, and then will get a dedicated mini computer to run just on the car... any hints or tips?

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    I hate it when people ignore posts because they're long ><. Happens to me all the time.

    1)Go wit hthe Xenarc if you can afford it, it owns the Lilliput, and it utrns on/off with th car. don't bother with the brightnedd upgeade they offe,r mine is fine without it, and I don't think it would be worth the money.

    2)MediaCar is kind of like Mediaengine, but older, not as updated, and not as supported as M/E (IMO) by the community. M/E is constantly in development, has a godo fan abse, and works prety good (when it installs on SP2 ok...), and lots of skins . I also like FrodoPlayer as soon as he updates it next (few annoyign bugs in this version - like videos exit full screen every time it goes to the next video). A company called G-Net is making a program called digital Dahs, they want $30 for it, and it's ok, but they need to maek some big improvements to be worth $30. They do have a demo. I wrote them and they said all of my request will be in the next release.

    3) No idea on the error. Try making a new thread for it here, and submit a bug report to them on their website. Add more info about your PC and OS too .

    s ofrgeneral suggestions, running a laptoop out of the car doens't work well, it doesn't turn wit hthe car. If I were you, I woudl avoid Via EPIA board as well, as htye are slow and frustrating, but also very cheap so if your on a budget go for it. I am running a Celeron 2ghz on a Soyo micro atx board with an Opus 15watt power supply. The iTuner brand IPTS and $30 power supplies out there worked like crap for me, I would avoid them, and jsut spring for the Opus, it's much better and consistent (turns on/off every time and doens't reset like the iTuner ones).

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    2b) There is a Destinator for PC, it's called iGuidance. It's a direct port. So all the maps should work. I'm pretty sure they use maps provided by a company called NavTech. I would definitely recommend iGuidance. I use it myself and just about perfect for a touchscreen. It intergrates nicely with MediaCar.


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