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Thread: Media Engine GPS

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    Media Engine GPS

    Hey guys, I was very excited when I saw that the ME team was working on integrating GPS. The homepage posts a crude screenshot of the GPS 6 months ago. I was wondering if anyone has heard more about it.

    Also, what will it use, in terms of receivers? Will it work with an Earthmate? I don't think the Earthmate is NMEA or whatever. Does anyone have an update, I'l dying here!

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    the new earthmate which is the smaller usb model supports nmea.. I used it just fine to do the mappoint dev which was dumped for destinator should also work just fine with the earthmate.. you just have to make sure you select to install the driver to use it with 3rd party applicationa
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    You said the smaller usb model....
    I was just wondering if there are different USB models. I know there was an older serial model. Maybe that's where I'm confused. I heard that the Earthmate was not NMEA compliant - but maybe that is just the serial model.

    Anyone know for sure? Thanks

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