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Thread: availability of custom buttons

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    I completely agree that customizeable buttons would be awesome. The reason I have picked media Engine over all other front ends is its simplicity. I would like to further that simplicity by removing excessive buttons from the music module especially. I would like to have everything on one row as opposed to having to call the 2nd row for certain functions.

    How hard would it be to implement this change?

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    I have been doing a lot of consideration on new / better ways to handle skins in, oh lets call it "MediaEngine 3.0". Heres my idea for the main menu at least... First thing is, no one likes to be "locked in" to any one certain look. Skins right now are nice for customizing, but I was thinking of more of a dynamic skin that allows the user to choose what options show on the main menu from a predefined list (think Cobra 3 for you old timers) BUT, that poses a problem of making it look appealing to individual users AS WELL as allowing easy customization (i.e. where things are located).
    As well as that, I plan on allowing the user to choose which side of the screen the touchscreen buttons are on as well as which buttons are shown. Whatever I end up doing, I will tell you this.. It won't be like anything that currently exists.

    BTW: MediaEngine is written in VB6
    Get MediaEngine !!!
    Media Engine Download

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