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Thread: Problems scrolling and volume control

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    Question Problems scrolling and volume control

    I have a couple of problems that just came up. I cannot turn my volume up or down using my touchscreen, nor can I scroll my folders while in media engine. I have unistalled/reinstalled, changed back to default skin, ran touchscreen utility, and none have seemed to work. When I hook my mouse up to the computer I can do both just fine. Can anyone help me with this problem? I am using a xenarc touchscreen.

    Thanks.......................Oh yeah is there a way that M.E. won't put music in alphabetical order???

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    i too have the same problem...

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    Try searching for 'calibrate touchscreen' in the forums. I'm pretty sure there are some touchscreen settings you need to tweak, and then recalibrate your touchscreen to eliminate this problem.
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    I too have had the same problem. It has nothing to do with touch screen settings, recalibration or the like. I proved this by the fact that when I touch the scroll up/down and volume up/down buttons you could see them being selected, although it wouldn't actually do anything. Using a mouse, however, would work. I too did a clean install of media engine but also to no avail.

    I eventually fixed it by trial and error - I disabled then re-enabled touch screen support and the problem's gone away.



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