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Thread: Please could someone clarify - Radio

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    Please could someone clarify - Radio

    Hey guys,

    Well I've just started up my car PC as an ongoing project - and I find that ME is by far the best for what I want to do - Music and GPS (not bothered about movies)

    Now I'm come to the point where I want to implement Radio - I've read a few posts on here but still can't come to a solid conclusion;

    What is the best USB device to use with ME?

    Is there a way for me to pull this device apart and connect my existing car aerial (which has already had the end ripped off) to it so it can be hidden under dash instead of another device on the parcel shelf?

    Help much appriciated!


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    When you say "Radio" I assume you a talking about FM. Unfortunately I have not used any of the FM adapters. However I do have satellite radio. While I was building mine I thought I would HAVE to have FM, but I have not gone to the FM side in almost a year now that I have the satellite radio.
    I say forget the FM and get an XM PCR.
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    Yeah sorry did mean FM. This D-Link r-100's is what everyone has raved on about, but I don't want another device sat in my car - I'd prefer to rip it apart and connect the cable coming from my car's existing aerial to it, so the aerial in fact remains on top of the car.

    Not really for me, I'm quite happy with the 300 albums on MP3, but the missus is insisting it has radio (FM)....and to keep her happy then I'm going to have to do it!

    well done to those who have created ME - as a Newbz I am very impressed! Keep up the good work.

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    D-Link will fit inside a mini-itx case when you strip it naked. - You'll need an extra hole in the case to run the antenna cable though...
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