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Thread: GPS-Tab empty!?

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    GPS-Tab empty!?

    - Have installed the new Version 2.1. In the settings-menu is the "GPS"-Tab empty. but why???

    - my 2. question:
    i want to go from the music-player to the gps-program (navigon). But there are so much clicks until i am in the gps-program. is there any way to click only one time?!

    hope you know what i mean

    --> WinXP pro, SP1, Via Epia M10000, 256MB RAM

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    gps tab will be there in the new version (whenever that may arrive :S) so its empty and no for now there is no different way to axx the gps, i guess we will have to wait till the new version i hope it arrives soon, i think M.E. is one of the better incar frontends

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