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Thread: Here's the trouble....

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    Exclamation Here's the trouble....

    First off MediaEngine rocks!..
    I was loving the idea of setting up a htpc for cheap.
    I scrummied up some old parts and made my box.
    Created a unnattended winxp cd and went to town.
    My machine was up running and hook up to my tv and home theatre system in one days time.
    So in choosing my front end I tried lots of things.
    MediaEngine has all the features I want and isn't over kill.
    Easy to use is the keyfactor here. (needs wife approval)
    So I loved the idea of having MediaEngine boot as the shell replacement.
    It works flawlessly when I access my file server to view and listen to all my media; until I reboot.
    For some reason I can't figure out a way to have it access the file server.
    I normally would log into the fileshare on the file server with a un/pw before I would load MediaEngine.
    Then MediaEngine could access the file server.
    But if MediaEngine loads first then it errors and wants to reset the media folder. So close and yet it feels so far.
    I've tried mapping the drive, making a new share, etc. Any ideas how I can get the file share logged into before loading MediaEngine while still keeping MediaEngine as the shell replacement?

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    Are you using a mapped drive ?
    [H]4 Life
    My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
    I'm a lesbian too.
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    Ya.. I also had it re-connect at logon.
    Doesn't like it. It wont prompt me for the password.
    Tough bit...

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    Try this. A local account on both the HTPC and your fileserver should exist with the same username and password. In other words, whatever account you use to logon to your htpc, should also exist on the fileserver. Both account must have the same password. This will keep your fileserver from asking for your password to authenticate. I know it sound strange but it works.

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    Ok great... I'll try it and report back.. thanks..

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