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Thread: M4A support?

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    M4A support?

    I am just starting out on my project and I found your program... it single-handedly convinced me not to get a headunit and run a complete pc-based system in my car.
    That is, of course, until I realized that 1/3 of my songs aren't supported by Media Engine??? I have been ripping all my CDs to the computer with iTunes and that's a TON of music.
    Is there a way to get media engine to play songs that have a .m4a extension? Is this planned for support in a later version... is there going to be a later version?

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    Install this for the winamp that is included with Media Engine.

    Then add the extension in the settings.
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    Sniff, sniff. You're my hero, man. It plays the m4a files now. Thanks so much! It still isn't getting the artist name, though... but this gives me much hope.

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