Hi all

This is my first post on this forum.

Im building my rig based only on media engine.

The problem is that i carn't get the internal dvd player to media engine to work (just sit's on a black screen).
Plays fine in powerDVD but running power dvd as an external app it carshes on load.

I have a fix for the power dvd problem when it is run as an external app.

Make a batch file called PowerDVD.bat somwhere on your boot drive and copy this as the content:
__________________________________________________ ________

cd C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\
powerdvd.exe d:

__________________________________________________ ________

This is assuming that PowerDVD is installed in it's default folder on your c drive and that d: is your dvd drive (make amendments as needed).

Some changes need to be made to the PowerDVD config as well:
On the video tab enable "Run full screen" and "Screen is always on top".

Then just point media engine to run this as the external app

Thats it

When run the batch file starts runs PowerDVD and remains open in the background untill PowerDVD is closed, at which point the batch file closes and media engine takes over as normal.

Any questions ill try and help.

Anyways Happy new year to all!