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Thread: Newbie - Destinator and GPS Question

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    Question Newbie - Destinator and GPS Question

    I'm very new to GPS, so have a few basic questions. Btw, did a
    1. Edit: was thinking bout something else when I wrote this: "XM PCR (is Sirius an option)?"
    2. Destinator SDK (so, this is almost like the driver files for the frontend)?
    3. Mapmonkey? This is where I get confused. Is there something on top of Destinator SDK that I need?
    4. Maps??? Do I need to get maps somewhere, or is it part of one of the above items? If no, where do I get maps (expensive?)?

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    1. dont know what this had to so with gps
    2. sorta
    3. to read fullsized maps you need to pay $50 for the sdk
    4. yes you need maps, they are expensive
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