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Thread: will an EQ be added?

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    Smile will an EQ be added?

    will an EQ be added to ant versions as its hard to control bass output between music tracks and movies.

    any help anybody.....

    also looking for a good skin for a 7 inch screen so that its easy to use touch screen i find the right side up and down on the original very hard to use on touch screen.


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    There is no point in an EQ. The point of an EQ is to set it up then leave it alone. All controls like an EQ that are manditory to setup in a specific install will be setup and NEVER again messed with because there is no reason to.

    Just go buy a 20,30,40 band EQ and get an oscilloscope and start tuning the EQ and the amp(s).

    If it's ran through the stereo, there would be no reason for you asking so you must be running the whole pc setup as the stereo. If this is true, again, get an oscilloscope and set your amp(s) up. In reality, the volume on the pc should be between 75% - MAX. I have yet to test this yet, but this is theory. Once i get the pc in my project after remodeling some things, i can use an o-scope and see exactly what it needs to be set to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnboy2005
    will an EQ be added ...
    Probably not. It's been requested 1,000,001 times, but it's just not something that's simple or straigtforward to implement between WMP, Winamp and other sources that use line inputs. Bass and treble control is something we might look into in the near future for the non-audiophiles since there are system mixers we can tap into.
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    When using well-balanced SQ-competition CD's, you wouldn't need a EQ, after tuning.
    When listening to music that is coming from different sources, you would like to have at least some treble/mid/bass control.

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    If your after an EQ you can actually open up your mediaengine directory open winamp from within that directory, then right click the winamp icon that now sits in your taskbar and use that EQ. You can even enlarge it so its easier to use by touch. (you also have to press "ON" on the EQ for it to have any effect) Works Great for me.
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