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Thread: Playlist for Videos

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    Playlist for Videos

    Is there a way to make a playlist for videos? If not, that would be a DEADLY feature I think

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    Seconded! To bring up a request I made for music, it could apply to any media. If there was a button you could map to 'Queue' the currently selected media that would insert a row into a playlist database, then play through that list, that would be super. You could mix music and movies, and it'd be pretty killer.
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    Just want to give this a bump. Would be an excellent edition along with random play.

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    Yes that will be incorporated into my project, sorry if you don't have a mac.

    Actually the entire project's organizational scheme is based off the library and playlist idea.
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    greatest idea in the world... and random play of videos would be cool too as i have loads of music videos but playing them in order sucks balls

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