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Thread: Absolutely Strange Phenomenon with GPS

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    Absolutely Strange Phenomenon with GPS

    Hi Folks,

    first of all: mediaengine ROCKS!

    i've encountered a very strange problem: when i run mapmonkey through mediaengine it starts as it should (i suppose) with only the 'back' button on the bottom of the screen... i click on 'destination', select my destination and click navigate... and i am being thrown back into mediaengine at the exact location where i was before clicking the GPS button... for instance the main menu or the music player.

    has anyone encounterd a similar problem and has a fix?
    thanks for your time!

    EDIT: well i've installed several times now with absolutely no effect.. i've even copied the files from my laptop on which the navigation with destinator works perfectly 1:1 on my new machine... same effect.

    i start gps, click on destination, select my desteny^^, hit 'navigate' and i am back in mediaengine.

    please help!!

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    ok, now this is even more odd than the error: i've removed all maps exept germany and the preinstalled london and... whowooo! it works... if i copy the folders for italy oder BeNeLux into the Destinator directory the error returns...

    any thoughts on that?

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    well, strangeness continues: now i can run mapmonkey ONCE in Media Engine, works nice - after one restart i have the very same phenomenon again... then i can copy the destinator apps folder from my working laptop back in and i have one more try...

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