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Thread: does anyone have problems playing mp3s from a dvdr?

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    does anyone have problems playing mp3s from a dvdr?

    i'm having a tough time playing mp3s on a dvdr that are more than 1 directory structure deep. The mp3s play fine if i play directly from windows using winamp. But when i launch mediaengine and try to play the same mp3, mediaengine just hangs at the load screen. please help.


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    I'll try to test this out - lotta changes happened getting to 2.3.0 and it's possible this functionality got broken.
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    i think i found the issue

    files needed to be organized into subfolders b/c i think media engine has trouble loading anything greater than 100 or so songs. if i organize the files into subfolders with no more than 60 songs, it plays flawlessly. i guess its just the way the front end is coded, it keeps an index of all the songs.

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