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    I am trying to setup my serial remote with WinLIRC to bind remote buttons to keystrokes for mediaengine. The remote sends the RAW commands to WinLIRC, but I cannot "LEARN" the remote, and the grey light never turns green, so it must not be receving commands. I use the packard bell remotes config file from . I am using the Packard Bell remote that seems to be pretty popular around here. Let me know how you all got it to work!


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    Sweet, I just built a ir receiver today. I had to set my baud at 9600, but im using my alpine stereo remote. That way i can control my HU and my pc with one remote.

    Indoor light really gave me bad results. To much IR comming from the florescents i guess. Do the raw codes and see if your getting anything first.

    edit: okay next time i will read, if your getting raw codes you should be able to learn. when you say learn, does the learn screen come up? Type in a config name first if not. and in raw codes verify your not getting constant garbage when your not pressing remote buttons.

    Question: Did you build the receiver or are you using the packard bell one?

    My old packard came with one. I think i threw it away. Piece of crap. Should of kept it, not knowing i was going to put a pc in my car. Mouse is much faster on a home computer.

    I dont think i helped there.....good luck
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