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Thread: xmpcr help please!

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    will try that....thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsai
    will try that....thanks
    did you get the xmpcr to work with the fixes?

    I remoted into tsai'a computer and we tried evrything. It looks like the stock xm software will work yet a few others will not. Xtreme pcr works but xmpc-car does not.

    This is very strange. The com ports are configured correctly and we used the lastest drivers. the hardware is identical to my old setup. Does anyone know if XM made a change in the later versions of the xm-pcr?
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    unfortunately no.
    maybe its time to dump this hardware and find one that is known to work

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    figured out the problem, it was language for non-unicode program. i guess that makes sense. i have it set to chinese so i can read chinese. now xm works, unfortunately, it screws up the font for chinese. i'm no longe able to read chinese characters.

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