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Thread: My only complaint

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    My only complaint

    Mediaengine has always been my favorite front-end due to it's simplistic nature and the fact it isn't bogged down with a bunch of things like phone and web (very useful to many people, just not me)

    However, my major complaint is that when I switch from music mode to GPS mode, the music stops. IMO, the whole point of having a carputer is for Navigation and Music. Chances are, if I am on a long trip, I want both running together.

    Also, small features like an OSK for note taking and a calculator would be nice add-ons, but I suppose I could just configure that through external applications now that i think about it.

    Are there any plans to implement the music and GPS thing tho?

    Thanks and keep up the good work with mediaengine!

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    Oops - never mind, I just figured out how to do it

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