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Thread: Error at ME Start

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    Error at ME Start

    If i configure that ME starts before the windows shell it get's a DB Update Error.
    But only on my EPIA-M Board on the regular Intel Board it doesn't.

    If i start windows shell and click on the desktop icon ME starts without any error.

    Pleas Help Me

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    In the config, tick the box for manual update only. That will mean you have to manually update your music library when you add new tracks but it solved a multitude of problems for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by elnino
    If i configure that ME starts before the windows shell it get's a DB Update Error.
    Can you give some specifics? There are numerous errors that can be trapped related to this.

    Also, when you say you start ME before the windows shell, what do you mean? Are you setting ME as the shell? Also, have you use nLite?
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