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Thread: Release Schedule

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    Release Schedule

    Just curious if there is a new release around the corner, or if anything else just some of the features that are being worked on for the next release.

    I'm pretty happy with current release, feeling it's the most stable of all the front-ends I've tried including streetdeck, which I purchased and found that your freeware software is still better.

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    Thanks for the compliments - they are greatly appreciated.

    Don't look for any major new features over the summer months - life is pretty hectic for me until softball and vacation season dies down. Just as an update, I've been tinkering with a few XM control quirks over the last couple months, and fixing minor bugs as they get reported. If things slow down with work I may try to get 2.3.5 ready for release in the next week or so, but no guarantees.

    After vacation season I'm hoping to port over to using Radiator for tuner control and rework the way we're multithreading things. That's about all I have on tap for 2006.
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