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Thread: Skin Maker question, Please Read, not about the program

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    Skin Maker question, Please Read, not about the program

    Ok, so I made a skin in photoshop then cut it into slices and exported it as HTML.That way Im ultimately left with icons that I just need to line up with my background. The way I have been making the skin is by opening the .skn file and editing it in plain text. This was been fine so far but now I need to place my icons in the right spots to match them up with my background and then resize them to look right and fit. The numbers dont make any sense though. I did a search and read that you use the actual skin maker program to line up the icons and what not. However, when I load it up I dont understand how to get the numbers I need for sizes and positioning. I see X and Y axis but when I look at the skn file I see numbers like these:


    Can some one break down what each of these values does please and explain how you figure out the numbers for how large and where you place the original icons you made. If there has already been some thing posted on this I would really appreciate a link to that thread. Thanks a lot in advance, I would like to get this show on the road and finish this for my new car! Thanks a lot!

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    I creat the skins alittle different, I create the skin in PS, cut the images out and save them, BUT, when I get into the skin editor I export the whole skin as a background this way the buttons are in the correct place, after this I "add Image" give the command,pull the imiage to the proper place, Then I "change Size" on the image and pull it to match. I tried following the instructions and found that I could not get then to line correctly or the buttons were not the correct size.

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