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Thread: Shutdown media engine

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    Shutdown media engine

    I am using Media engine in my living room as well as in the car. I am using it with a CIMR 100 remote. Is there a function # for exit, or is shutdown the only option? Alternatively, is there a way to just shut it down with the remote?

    I have a couple of game station emulators on that machine (PS2 and N64) and if I run them from the "external apps" menu they hide Media engine, no app bar, so I am then stuck in the game and have to ctrl alt del and kill media engine. I suspect this is due to their directx overlay and not a problem with media engine.

    if i could just kill media engine with the remote so I could start the emulators on their own, I can work things so media engine restarts on its own after I am done with the emulator.

    Alternatively, does anybody know of an emulator that is compatible with media engines external app function?


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    There's no remote function to exit the app.

    The emulator problems you have are common with directx overlay stuff. If there's a way to exit the emulator app so it's parent process terminates, it should return you to M/E.
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