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Thread: Personal thoughts for ME improvements

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    Personal thoughts for ME improvements

    While using XM with ME, I was thinking of some features I would like to have.

    1- Random channel like the Shuffle option works in Music
    2- Favorite Song/Artist popup alert (like in XaMpD or some XM devices) where you can make a list of artists and songs that you want to be notified when on and a screen pops up with an alert sound to let you know that the artist/song is on for like 5 seconds. The popup should allow you to click it and tune automatically to that channel.

    And some other ideas,

    3- On the GPS screen, it would be valuable to also have the time/date like on other screens.
    4- Option to remove the item on the left side of the music/XM screens to save font space.

    I know there hasn't been much time to work on ME but I just wanted to chime in with some thoughts since I do enjoy using it and would definitely love to see some the life of this project to continue

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    I was just working the other day on a A-Z "bar" to go in the Browse area for touchscreen users to "jump" to a certain letter and avoid all that down scrolling.

    Those are some good ideas. The GPS screen clock should be relatively simple to do.
    BTW, item on the left side of the music/XM screens<-- what item is this? Image?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CarComp View Post
    BTW, item on the left side of the music/XM screens<-- what item is this? Image?
    Duh, I wrote that kinda cryptic. I meant the track number.

    I like the idea of the A-Z option! It would help scrolling a long list of music.

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    I think it would be great if users were able to edit which functions are present in each menu.

    Is this something that is skin controlled or is it integral to the ME software?


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    Hardcoded. Skins are just images. Unless the code is released, it's probably not something that would change.
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