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Thread: InitME testing raises some questions

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    Initial ME testing raises some questions

    I have started testing ME and I am, so far, impressed with what I find. Howver, that same testing raises some questions.

    1. I can't find a place to purchase any of the remotes/IR receivers. Actually Google has little to offer about them. Is a touch screen a usable alternative? Any help on this one?

    2. How does one get tracks "ripped" from a music CD referenced in the ME database. I understand "ripping" and such. I'm interested in how do I tell ME that it is in the ME Media directory or am I missing something?

    3) Now a politically sensitive question I'm guessing. What is RoadRunner? (Where I live it's cable internet from TW) How does it differ from ME? Where does one find it for download? "Googling" (sic) for RR and Roadrunner get me lots of references to the TW cable service and a cartoon character.

    4. Any doc on Skinmaker?

    5. About apps, background, and "events" causing focus change.

    a. Can I start an ME app in the background at ME startup?

    b. Can I switch focus from the ME foreground app to the ME background app at will?

    c. If a background app wishes to display something or play something based on its processing can it/will it interupt the current ME foreground app? The scenerio is GPS app is tracking route and wants to "interrupt" Play Music to give directions. Or is this built in in some other way?


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    The DLink USB FM receiver is among the missing

    Just discovered that th DLink USB receiver was withdrawn several years ago and there don't seem to be any even on eBay.

    Found somewhere on that someone used the Hauppauge WinTV PVR instead but I don't know on what. Said he simply changed the "radio file" and it worked great.

    Anyway, what is the recommended replacement for the DLink device?


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    Go to the RoadRunner forum here on this message board to get all the information you need. The websites for that program can be found in guino's signature

    There is a SkinMaker tutorial stickied in this forum: SkinMaker Tutorial

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