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Thread: Mediacar V1.7

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    Mediacar V1.7

    Software section here :
    (Web site only in French for the moment but the images are universal and the translator of google is a good friend )

    News :

    - Winamp playlists are now supported, a new module to manage(create, modify, delete, ...) the playlist is also in development.
    - There is new options to chose to run the winamp visualisation embedded or not and to specify the name of the visualisation window to found (Before, mediacar always try to find a window with a name like "*AVS*"). Now you can use the visualisation that you want, simply specify the good name, generic caractère "*" are suported.
    - Option added to Hide the mouse when Mediacar start.

    News :

    - All your parameters are now restaured when you instal a new version
    - It's now Winamp 2.91 in the package with ogg plugin, but the AVS plugin is the V2.5 from the previous Winamp version because the AVS V2.6 give problem to be run emmbeded in another software.
    - Some parameters not used are removed from all the skin definition file.

    Bugs corrected :
    - "When resuming windows after hibrenation I get a:run-time error '-2005532222 (887601c2)' automation error" Corrected
    - The incompatibility between gamma gestion and Xvid Codec when the color deep is set to 32 Bits is corrected, to do this I need to always unload the video file when I apply gamma correction and reload it after gamma correction is disabled then the time to comeback to the videoplayer from the mixer or video browser will be a little bigger but it's actually the only solution that I have found.

    Big News :

    - Day/Night mode added !
    You can now define a day and night Gamma color correction for each Skin and switch between the two in manual and in automatic with a timer. (See the "Appearance" tab)
    - The Audio Browser supports now an image and a text description of the playlist folder or single file, It work like the Video browser.

    Bugs corrected :
    - "I have two subfolders in the video folder that I would like to browse, which at the moment is only possible if there is a video file in the top level folder. I think you search for video files in the folder on opening, can it be changed to include subfolders?" Corrected

    News :

    - option to always mute the line-in on exit or not
    - GPS menu is comming up only on click onto the top status bar

    Bugs corrected :

    - "One problem is still there. When I start external GPS software e.g. Roadscout a new screen appears in the front but the programm screen is in the back even I unchecked the embedded option."
    Corrected for external GPS software and external DVD software.
    -"When the nav is in off postion the cordinates change and the green light is blinking. When i change it to another mode is see 1 red blink and the cordinates update stops and there is no lock on the position."
    corrected, The NMEA stream will be correctly processed for all GPS receivers now.
    -"When i press track in gps it freezes the screen im in.
    It seems to work if i dont touch anything, but obviously i cant see my position."
    Maybe corrected with the update of the NMEA stream process.

    News :

    - option to choose the function of the exit button and new menu to choose what to do at the exit.

    Bugs corrected :
    - "Hey I just downloaded MediaCar but when I install, the process stops and I get the following message:Could not find symbol: DllUnregisterServer", normally corrected, try it.
    -"I have also something strange with the mixer. When I put the bass up, it goes down. This problem is with each frequency. Is it a bug or do I have to change something in winamp?", corrected

    News :

    - Gps mode, zoom and font size are now stored and resumed on start.
    - Video and audio are resumed at the last positions.
    - Audio player playing on start.
    - Option to use or not ID3 Tag.
    - Option to load also first level of sub-folders in the playlist selected.

    Bugs corrected :
    - "Don't know if this is mentioned yet... but there is a bug when you hit play, with nothing in the playlist. You might want to disable the button with nothing in the list..."
    - "sometimes the cursor disappears in the "select video" list, just like it does on the main video play screen. You have to click the button again to bring it back."
    - "There is a bug in the CPU usage. When you first start playing mp3s, it will use 30% CPU on my athlon 1800 (too high). Then start the vis. and it goes to 100% (normal). Then stop the vis. and it will be sitting on ~2% (good!), still playing the mp3s."

    - Big bug if there is no CD-rom reader on the PC is corrected (Runtime error ' 5 ')
    - Possibility to define files extensions up to 4 characters in setup (For .MPEG file for example)
    - The mouse pointer disappears during the reading of video

    Many thanks to members :
    -Drogon for many Gfx of this Version 1, the inspiration provided and for the excellent beta tests.
    - All betas testers : Skytos, Wetwag, Cedromast and Pt Cruiser.
    - The moderators of for the private section MEDIACAR which facilitated final work.
    And all the others I forget.
    The first Belgian PC fully integrated in a car :)

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    coyote, Thanks for all the hard work, particularly at a difficult time for you personally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ose-ml320
    coyote, Thanks for all the hard work, particularly at a difficult time for you personally.
    Holly cow! Great job and keep up the good work. Now for a request. Is it possible to some how make a hot spot or button that stays at the front, so those who use a GPS program other than Mappoint can switch back and forth with out having to quit the GPS program? And what about AAC/MP4/M4A support?
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    My Install

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    i've only been gone a couple days and its 1.7 already

    and a seperate section to discuss mediacar. wow... great job coyote... i had a lot of reading to do. Glad that your son is getting better...

    is it just me or is 1.6 still on ur website for download. i can't seem to find 1.7 anywhere....

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    Thats pretty much what I'm looking for too. Please tell me that's doable.
    NEW complete and updated My project with 100+ pics on 7-4-03
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    Quote Originally Posted by cproaudio
    Thats pretty much what I'm looking for too. Please tell me that's doable.
    Same here. I'll have to make another window for my skin though

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    more mods, that is a great idea
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    my dvd program are not able to detect the dvd codec when i open it with mediacar... what version of directX are u using??

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    The current FF and RWD buttons already act as the next/previous song buttons! Just click them for next/prev, or hold down for FF/RWD. This works well with a mouse or touch screen and i should think you can get it to happen with a remote as well.

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