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Thread: Official Skin presentation

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    Updated Nissan 350Z Skin

    Here is an updated version of my 350Z Skin.

    Let me know what you think.
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    <Placeholder for Contrast Skin>

    <Placeholder for adaption of Contrast skin from MediaEngine to MediaCar>

    Sneak preview:

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E

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    Limited set of options, but that's all I'm running for now.

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    Update May 2004
    The development of the skins below have been halted and replaced by the brushed metal skin:

    You can download it at

    ************************************************** ****
    Update 16 Jan 2004:
    The following skins are now available for download:
    1. Generic
    2. VW
    3. Mercedes
    4. BMW
    Please go to for downloads. Just unzip to your C:\Program Files\MediaCar\SKINS folder and then choose from the setup. Make sure that the name of the folder is different from the default, e.g C:\Program Files\MediaCar\SKINS\Generic\ or C:\Program Files\MediaCar\SKINS\BMW\ Let me know if I made any mistakes in those skins .

    PS. Many thanks to Garry (Confused) for the loan

    I like the Carnavsys interface so much... I copied it.

    It's only in 848x480 (Don't think I will do other resolution because it's really time consuming rearranging the coordinates in the *.skin files). And it's still in development.

    Download here (er... it seems that you have to right click and save target as ):

    Unzip to your skin folder (doh, I guess you would know it by now) Actually, I duplicate the default folder (the one made by Coyote) and renamed it default1. And I overwrote the default folder with the ones I've made.

    Update on mixer skin. Download here

    You will also have to download here

    Now, slider1 files have to go into slider1 folder in the default folder.

    Enjoy! PM me and let me know what you think

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    Quote Originally Posted by febsperanza
    I like the Carnavsys interface so much... I copied it. :-D

    That looks really nice
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