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Thread: What would you think of stopping the requests ?

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    I totally agree with your suggestion Coyote! Everybody likes to use stable software rather than over-featured buggy software. It would be nice if we could give you some time to iron things out, finish the requests that are pending and maybe optimize a bit.
    MediaCar has about all the features it should have for basic use (when the to-do list is finished i mean ).
    Please take your time to perfect things along the way, I know the feeling of having to leave a project messy and unfinished, and I know I hate it.

    For me I'll hold on to the current release, look out for the new features already underway, and be patient for the finished version of that. It would indeed be great if we could help you iron out the bugs now and then, so we'll try our best to help you out here!

    Thanks for your efforts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSonic
    MediaCar has about all the features it should have for basic use (when the to-do list is finished i mean ).

    What he said

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    yep you're right coyote. I've waited for media engine 2.0 for about three months, so what are a couple of weeks?

    Keep up the good work!

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    To me the current funtions are perfect. It will be best to put the current version in stable/bug free then add new one in.
    No matter how many functions are there or how fancy does it look, if it doesn't work, it's USELESS.
    No I am not complain or disrespect Coyote's works. I am talking on the comsumer point of view. I rather have 1 or 2 things that work rather than 10 things that doesn't works.
    So far at V1.84 I am happy with it. There are some bugs but I can live with those.
    I have some problem with playing DVD, Divx, Mpeg but that is just because of my setsup.
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    yes what i great idea.

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    The software is very nice and I would almost not make any changes.
    The only thing that I would ask to add is to completely customize the buttons on the main screen. For example I do not have a DVD player on my carputer and I would like to replace the DVD button with say a "Stumble" button for NetStumbler.

    Just a thought. Thanks

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