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Thread: What I do in this moment:

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    Wink What I do in this moment:

    I'm not very present on the forum since some days because I work hard on Mediacar on some points :

    - Extend Skin features to give the possibility to remove any buttons from the skin without modifying any pictures.
    - Extend Skin feature to showing the "Down" state of all buttons when you click it.
    - Standardize Skin files and "Button code" because they was not always adapted.
    - Implement full error trapping in all procedures to give the name of the procedure where the error occurs in the error message.
    -Try to correct the last bugs reported.

    I think that I could make a beta version in one or two days for the skinners only to give them time to update their skins.

    PS: I see that in a big part of the skins the "Radio" button is missing, You can now leave all the buttons because the final user will be able to remove a button without modifying the Gfx

    The first Belgian PC fully integrated in a car :)

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    Nice work as usual,

    Would like to see GPS mapppoint working?

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    Sounding good, coyote

    Be sure to PM/email me when you have a Beta, and I shall update my skins

    Keep up the great work!

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E

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