As many here are running Epia motherboards, and are running widescreen displays, I have made BloodBoil and Spaced Out for 16:9 screens running at 800x600 resolution

Here's a couple of screenshots:

Don't worry if things look stretched here on your 4:3 monitor, once you get it on your carputer, running @ 800x600, everything will be in the correct aspect ratio

I haven't had a chance to test out the MapPoint module, as I don't have it, so if there are any problems with it (like the currently playing song etc is in the wrong place) please take a screenshot and send it to me, and I can edit the skin

Hope you all enjoy this

<Edit> Whoops....some download links would be good
BloodBoil V1.0 for 800x600 16:9
Spaced Out V1.0 for 800x600 16:9