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Thread: Confused would you mind????

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    Talking Confused would you mind????

    I have ben playing with your skin for an hour or two, and wondered if you had the time to add this to your menu system?

    I can send you the .PSD's, the Audi logo is a layer

    Also does anyone have a winamp 2.0 decent spectrum analyser I can use

    If im taking the **** tell me lol

    Ron NEW site

    AMD XP 1800+ / 256mb ram ddr / 2 x 60gig hdd / Asus mobo micro ATX / GF-FX5200 / BU 303 GPS reciever / dlink usb radio

    Window's XP SP1 / USB Radio / Destinator v2 / Mediacar / 3000 mp3's / 30 movies

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    Looks quite nice

    If you can send me the PSD file with the logo in a layer, then I can see about adding it. Because of some of the effects I use, it won't be a very quick job, but I will see what I can do

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E

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    Wow, I could sure use those Audi rings - been looking for some on the net but can't find anything decent. These are sweet- you wouldn't mind sharing those would you?

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