I have been trying to use a font called LCD Display Grid http://www.a1fonts.com/html/Archive_L,3.htm and for some strange reason media car dislays track names like this.

1 Evanescence - Going
2 Evanescence - Bring Me T
3 Evanescence - Everbody's
4 Evanescence - My Imm
5 Evanescence - Hau
6 Evanescence - Tourni
7 Evanescence - Imagi
8 Evanescence - Taking Ov (actually only shows half of the v)

The font size is 17pt.
The Selection list has a width of 765.
There's a lot of room on the right of the text. Media Car just seems to chop off the titles.

Edit: I was having this problem in Windows ME, so I tried the skin in Windows 2000. The titles wrap and the top of the letters show under title(but the titles are filling the area).
I reduced the height 1 pixel at a time till I lost a line of text then increased 1 pixel, so its not that.

I would like to know why, if anyone knows (ME sux is not the answer so don't say it)