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Thread: New brands for F-CNS Brushed metal skin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Whelan
    Ya, I saw that after I posted this. I don't like it that much though. I can tell it is just a cheap, aftermarket carbon fiber Acura Emblem.
    I see.

    There was a discussion for Acura logo a while ago. Problem was: I couldn't find a good logo. I opted to make one but apparently the others prefer the current carbon fibre logo. So I did that one.

    If you managed to find a good one please let me know, and I'll see what I can do for you.
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    Do you think I could get a PT Cruiser logo? I've attached the one I have in Corel Draw, but if you need another format, let me know...

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    S2000 Logo Skin

    Do you think you could make a honda s2000 logo please?

    Here are a few logos and a link to my project. I know you are busy so i will understand if you don't have time to do this. THanks

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    I get a 403 error (forbidden) when I try to go to the download page for the brands

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    I get 404 not found, unlucky.


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    I don't keep computers for 2 yrs, can't imagine people keeping the same web page up for that long.. however, I must give you props for (clearly) using the search function. so I'll tell you that you can download most of the logo images out of tmy site: -- you'd need to do some image editing to use those in MC though.
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