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Thread: noob here just a little help

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    noob here just a little help

    just want to ask

    i want to use media car

    my sys is an old pIII 800mhz 128 meg ram 20g hd every thing is usb and only 2 pci slots its running win me

    what software should be loaded for media car to work its best i see that it uses winamp but is win amp built in mc or do i have to dl it what about gps come with or dl software on that too??

    i did load up mc but had lots of errors but i have a feeling it cause me i searched the forums and found the fix but i might have not done it right

    id like to change over to win 2000 i have xp but i just found out that my disk is all scratched up pretty bad ( i had dropped it a wile back and ran over it with my desk chair )

    any help would be great!!



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    Windows ME is your problem Trust me UPGRADE.

    If you want to watch DVDs you need an external DVD player (like windvd or powerdvd)

    Search for your specific erros (after you upgrade) and post your specefic errors (after you upgrade) after you upgrade. Have i mentioned you should upgrade.

    Good luck
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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    You can contact Microsoft to get a replacement CD for Windows XP

    Yeah, Windows ME is your problem!

    Everything you need comes with MediaCar, apart from a DVD player and GPS software, due to licencing.

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E

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