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Thread: volume at 0?

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    volume at 0?

    Ok first off im running windows 2000. When i created a shortcut to mediacar and placed it in the start up folder so the program would load when my computer turned on, everything worked fine. Then when I use mediacars autolaunch module and tell it to launch audio, my volume is always at 0 when i start the program and it will not go up. However, this is only a problem with the program starting up when my computer turns on, if i close the program and open it again it works fine. Also, when i set the autolaunch module to none i do not have this problem.

    Anyone else have this problem? Its really annoying because i would like my carputer to automatically start up and play music.

    *edit* As it turns out, the program never works when i open it with the shortcut in the startup folder. I can move the shortcut to other folders and it works fine, but whenever the mediacar shortcut is in the startup folder the volume is stuck at 0

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    bizarre, did you try putting it in the Run section of the registry?
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    no, going to try that next....

    weird thing is on my home computer its fine

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