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Thread: Even more brands for F-CNS Brushed Metal Skin (17 Apr 2004)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileh1
    Hi Feb

    I was thinking about the HUMMER logo would look and wonder how you are going to get such long text in there without shrinking it too much. I wonder if just going with H1 would be better using that font/style?

    I'll leavbe it to your creative genious...
    That's why I think I have to modify the first three rows of buttons. Making the second row narrower, so that the Hummer logo can fit in without sacrificing too much shrinkage. I'll do it over the weekend ok?
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    I'm about as good at graphics as a chocolate fireguard is, useful, so I'll just be very happy with whatever you come up with.

    Many thanks!
    (Epia M10000/C134) (C137/MII 10000) Liliput /Opus 150W/DVD/512MB/80GB/Hummer H1

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