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Thread: Coyote what's going on?

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    Coyote what's going on?

    Hey Coyote,
    I'm a little disappointed with the actual version of Mediacar.
    (radio isn't functional for me, songsearch,...)
    Do you still work on Mediacar? I think so, though when do you guess is a new version coming

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    I think coyote is working on this project still....just not as activly as some would wish. Here is an idea... Why don't you donate some money to coyote so he has some motivation besides Gimee Gimee Gimee.

    You should know better than to complain about FREE software.

    However i am curious when the next version is comming out as well.

    Anyways Keep up the good work coyote and thanks for ALL of your hardwork

    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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    I think i'm alittle disappointed in this post to be honest, coyote does alot for this forum, hes taken on a massive project, and I can honestly say I for one am very impressed. He doesnt charge a cent for it, and gives free support when he can. If you have any problems then why dont you go and write something yourself !

    thanks coyote for all your hardwork, if I can help in anyway let me know.



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    I agree with CdRsKuLL, it takes a lot of hard work to develope in your spare time and to produce a product that he has, all for free, is amazing. We all want more, but I think we already have more that we first thought was going to be done by now, so give the guy a break.

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    I'm not into people bashing on forums, at work yes... but not in forums... ;-)

    A lot of people put a lot of effort into all these bits of software, and agreed, we all want our requests developed etc. but these people still have lives too! Also, as CdRsKuLL said, it's for free! If things are not going as fast as you like and you are a developer then chip in, offer support, even if it's just bug fixing! Hell, even if you are a technical author, write a manual or docs for it, if you are a graphic designer, get doing some skins.

    The most successful project is one that is supported by many people (in a controlled way). Not just ideas, but people providing results.

    Likewise, if anybody is experienced in C++ then SlientAdmirer may want some assitance with VOICES.

    Keep up the good work everyone and keep that software rolling!

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    well said CdRsKuLL and anitmatter. Coyote keep up the good work.

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    please don't bash him or put down his software here. If you paid for it then i can see complaining.. if you have an issue like this send him a PM. He is doing this to help the community and asks nothing in return.
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    Winni has 9 posts? and publicly is bashing someone who has contributed SO MUCH to this forum??

    that = lame... go make your own "free" software then.
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    For the record ... I'd like to say that coyote is probably one of the users who has contributed the most to this forum. He is a great guy!

    I won't act like MediaCar is without flaw ... but it is amazing software when compared to most of the alternatives.

    I remember coyote saying something about how he was working on a comercial version of MC ... so considering he's getting paid for that I'd imagine he's putting more time into that version than the free ver.

    still ... I'm anxious for the next version (and ogg tag support)
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    I will be looking into the pay version if/when he releases it. For now, I LOVE Mediacar

    I is one thing to request things, but another to bash by saying you are disappointed.
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