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Thread: Brushed Metal 800x600 Radio Player

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    Hello, I have just install mediacar. it works fine, but i have 3 error message.
    I have also installed the brushed skin from febsperanza

    the first:

    Just after clicking the radio button, i see loading page, then he come back on first page and after clicking he go to radio plugin normally.

    Error Number: 380
    Invalid Property value

    Debug Information:

    The second:

    When i want to store a frequency, just after have named it (only with this skin, it work fine with standart skin)

    Error Number: 340
    Control array element '8' doesn't exist

    Debug Information:
    MEDIACAR.Frm_radio_player.LoadSkinList Select

    And the third :

    When I want to browsne the folder in mp3 module

    Error Number: 70
    Permission denied

    Debug Information:

    Thanks for all work you do for this program and improve
    Bb Freed

    Epia V1000
    256 Mo RAM
    Lilliput 7" touchscreen
    Dlink USB
    20 Gb Hard disk

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    everyone does, we are awaiting a fresh zip file that fixes this...
    (Epia M10000/C134) (C137/MII 10000) Liliput /Opus 150W/DVD/512MB/80GB/Hummer H1

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