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Thread: Does MediaCar support radio?

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    Does MediaCar support radio?

    Ok, stupid question..

    I know there is a radio module.. But does it work? I have an Asus TV/FM radio card, and it will not pick up any stations.. Before I get all ****y and throw the card out the window, does Mediacar work with radio cards.. Specifically MY radio card?

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    I think it only works with the dlink usb radio.

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    I have a winfast tv/radio capture card in my home pc which im trying mediacar on b4 it goes in the car. I also have the same problem. I was going to use the card if it worked but it looks like i will end up getting a D link usb radio, and saving the slot on my m10000 for a good sound card.

    I tried changing the radio settings in media car and i think it was working but only very very quietly the the speakers??

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    The radio working properlly is one of my reason im putting off making my carputer.... So, then using the radio in your computer doesnt work all the time and locks up? I know that the cards dont work really well, but have herd nothing but good things with that d-link usb.

    Anyone have shots of how the radio section is incorperated into MC? I have skins that show good detail shots, but i want to see an actual shot with the radio working with the d-link.


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    First off I use RadioXtreme USB FM tuner. It is very good.

    Secind off if you are putting off your carputer project becasue of the radio then Confused has made a Radio Suppliment for Media Car (do a search) that works wit all of the fm tuners that the program radiator supports.

    If you are not partial to MediaCar then try the FroddoPlayer. It has native support for RadioXtreme and all fm tuners supported by Radiator
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