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Thread: Finally made a website...

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    Smile Finally made a website...

    My website is now up at

    It has my updated CarPC project on my BMW as well. Yes, the picture below is taken from my BMW . It's not as good as srcstc. But I really have thank him for the inspiration.

    I definitely haven't finished everything. So don't laugh!

    Do have a look.
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    shame about the bandwidth limit..

    I think it would be a good idea to start off a central skin site maybe.. I do have space and bandwidth available

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    hi febsperanza !

    Really great skin! Thank you !

    I have a little problem with the files. Can't find the sliders. The 1kb gifs are empty. Or did I made something wrong ?



    ( sorry for maybe wrong english...hope you understand me )

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    Maximum Bitrate
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    Feb, if you need space/bandwidth pm me. I own a few dedicated servers, and have tons of space and bandwidth for good use.

    If you guys want to start a skin repository or something for different soft for carputters, that would be awesome!
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    I'm happy to have been your inspiration. Thank you for the skin!

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