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Thread: Anyone try to use street atlas with MediaCar?

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    Anyone try to use street atlas with MediaCar?

    I havnt really tried a lot of gps systems with mediacar concidering prices and such, so was just wondering if anyone has used street atlas (can get the reciver and software for only 130$) either with mediacar or open it with mediacar and how well it works for them. i have a 7in widescreen touchscreen with a via 1gig 512meg system. or does anyone have any good suggestions on good hardware/softoware gps systems that dont cost that much...

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    I use street atlas with MediaCar and open it as an external app. Works fine. I dont have any issues with street atlas or the earthmate.

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    i use it external, works fine except for how small the buttons are. I'm in the process of the voice control right now.

    I like the voice command, "are we there yet?, i want to re-code it to say something to the command like 'if you mention that once more, i'm going to pull this car over and ......"
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    thank you, i hate buying stuff before i know it at least has a chance to work :P

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