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Thread: MediaCar DVD

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    MediaCar DVD

    Im having trouble getting MediaCar to play the Freeware DVD players available.
    I have Cyberlink PowerDVD, which works fine when playing DVD's, i tried Frodo's DVD player, it launches all fine then starts the DVD i can get to the main menu but when i start the DVD it crashes out, the same seems to happen with SimpleVideo, i think it might be a codec issue but i have no experiance troubleshooting issues like these and would be very gratefull for any help provided.

    My Specs
    VIA EPIA MII12000
    256MB DDR333
    Western Digital 80GB
    Pixelview Play TV Pro
    Pioneer Slot Load DVD Drive
    Lilliput 7" Touch Screen

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    Jun 2004
    I Fixed it,
    i had a few different codecs installed, once i deleted them and installed the indeo codec it all worked beautifully.
    VIA EPIA MII12000
    256Mb DDR333
    Western Digital 80Gb
    Lilliput 7" Touch Screen
    Pioneer Slot Load DVD
    PixelView Play TV Pro

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